Tuesday, March 01, 2005


i like getting wisdom teeth out.

finished the screenplay. the first draft, that is. many many more revisions i presume to follow before we can begin shooting. all i can tell u is that its about ortho jews high on drugs...

i like getting shots too. its a genuine indication that youre getting healthy. unless youre vaccinated, which means youre getting a weakened strain, and actually mildy sick.

check www.dailynexus.com this thursday! my santa barbara film festival article is up.

ive had bronchitis for what, like 4 fucking months already? i also just found out that alcohol disengages your immune system, so taking antibiotics and yager---not a good idea.



At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr smalls, thanks for allowing me to make a few humble comments on your blog. now what was i saying the last time? hmm...somthing along the lines of warning you that now someone knows about this blog and will be watching:::mooooohaaaahaaaa:::: so make sure to keep it up!


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