Thursday, March 03, 2005

This Aggression will not stand, Man.

As noted before, the script will undergo major surgery this weekend, when I find the time to actually get some writing done. Shit has been insane with the SB jewish film festival, and I find its acronym as funny as your mom. SBJFF. Sounds like the noise my brothers and I make after late night taco bell.

I'm working on my resume and noticing how empty it is, the demons now stepping out to debate the possible valuelessness of my soul. I'm so much more than what reads on a piece of paper, and it's pointless to cram creativity and personality into half a page. You want jokes, you want the funny...That I can give, yente.

The house watched the Big Lebwoski tonight. I've seen it so much I can't watch it anymore. I felt bad that I was calling out all the lines and disrupting them, but its our generations rocky horror. at least for people who live in the san fernando valley. The BL, hookah bars, persians at coffeeshops, traffic on Ventura (which exploded recently) and free parking have become out staples.

J, my roomate. He's on his 3rd white russian. Its only 2 am. He's a computer programmer. He goes to bed at nine.


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