Sunday, April 03, 2005

Life...You son of a...

They say your tastebuds change every seven years. That depresses me, because it means that come four or five years, and I'm gonna hate Thai food. Jeremy and a bunch of kids from Cordoba Street got some Thai dishes downtown. It was nice, not too heavy. Although I kinda missed that exploding feeling you get after eating Red Vegetable Curry with coconut milk. That bloated sensation after creamy Alfredo Sauce (which is actually called sugo bianco "white sauce" in Italian, nothing to do with Alredo whatsoever) when you were younger. Now I hate that feeling. Maybe I'm getting old. This stomach just isn't what it used to be.

Life is kicking me in the tuchus. I'm taking four classes during my last quarter of college, my writing time has waned considerably this week due to illegal substances, work for the Forest Foundation has picked up, my tooth hurts, I need cavities filled, and I think my left front tire is leaking air. Recently I've had a bunch of interviews for Hillel campus jobs in Indiana and NY, but am gonna stick around in Santa Barbara for a bit longer, doing Public Relations and Grant Writing (yes!) for a non-profit group that has yet to clearly define itself or its mission. Right now it pays students to create programs to better the community, but I'm not entirely sure everyone knows what's going on. And I should be that someone who does, if I'm gonna be the company spokesman, right? Right???

We've been getting into some new music these days: Notwist, Elefant, Air, Olivia Tremor Control, Bloc Party, Laila Puna, The Walkmen. Indie rock, good indie rock, and most of the groups are kinda crazy, willing-to-experiment people. My favorite. When I write "We" I'm referring to the blessed roommate, Jeremy A. Jacocks. Whenever he comes out of the shower he just smells so good.

So here I remain, with that perpetual wish that I had three more Aarons to do my bidding, go to my meetings, read my Global Studies and Anti Semitism course Readers, and give me free time to play video games and write a fucking screenplay.

Oh! But I did get the short done, so that's good! It's about this guy who gets his Wisdom teeth extracted, and consequently, becomes stupid. I'm quite satisfied that I got to stretch out and write something more original, almost Charlie Kaufman like, dare I say. Plus, it's not based on a Jew, so that's something of an accomplishment. Though Jackie, the hipster tooth fairy, is half Jewish.

Had to sneak it in there somewhere :)

god bless.


At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can i not comment on this lovely update on your life, which i have been sadly missing out on...(: well, it sounds like youre right where youre supposed to be, maybe even a little ahead cause you know what and where you want to do and go. although, i must say, im going to be very sad if you move away to nyc as soon as i move home to la. btw, hi jeremy...nice to have met you, aaron talks about you on his blog! im going to download those bands asap and i cant wait to read the short and well, anything you write. you better be keeping up with the italian cause you are gonna have to teach me someday. anyway, i just wanted to let you know, youre not the only one...i feel the same way about school and tastebuds and illegal substances (of which im sure i do a lot more than you) and needing 3 of you because theres never enough aaron to love. (:
--your biggest fan, c

At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i downloaded that whole list and am currently rocking out to a lovely new playlist!



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