Thursday, March 10, 2005

Like there's no tomorrow....

Got into a bike accident today. My 4th. I try to fall at least once a year. I'm happy my quota is up, on account of my graduation from here at the end of this year. I'll miss falling. Now onto the action.

If you're gonna go down, go down in glory, and take some people down with you. My foot slipped off the pedal, my body flew forward, I knew I was gonna hit pavement, I wasn't going that fast but still I was moving I was moving, threw my weight to the right and landed on my back on the grass. no broken bones. just a broken spirit. and a red cut on my wrist. i'm more concerned people are gonna think I attempted suicide.

If you're gonna do that, come on. It's all or nothing.

My roommate, the illustrious Jeremy Jacocks calls himself dank digital j. get it? cuz he's all three: dank, digital, and his name is J. he's building a website...Find pictures HERE

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