Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Poet kicks poetry's ass, 3-0

What is a man?
He who knows how to play the accordion but chooses not to.

Saw this in a Quotes Book at the Ucen. I'm such a sucker for book sales. What draw me in most are cooking and recipe collections. The food looks so scrumptious on the covers, I just want to bite right into the page. But no, that would taste, bad. I saw one yesterday called "The Foods of Israel," and good Lord, I nearly shelled out 18.95 to learn how to make Morroccan Cigars and Falafel from scratch. Those are some skills you want to have in life. You want someone in a vest to say as part your eulogy:

"He couldn't hold a steady job, he beat his kids, but at least he made damn good Falafel Balls. We'll miss you. I'm talking to your Balls, by the way."

OH! I'm entering Corwin with my Short Script, "Missing Minverva." The one about the college kid who gets stupid after getting his wisdom teeth extracted. That's the beginning.

I'll be in the kitchen.


At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, i actually had the book "the foods of israel" it was a good read. i enjoyed it. im right there being sucked into good book sales. thank g-d you read, i was just talking about how i know too many boys that dont read enough. i knew there was a reason i loved you...well, at least thats another one (: send me this short damn it! i want to read what all the fuss is about!
and i will make a note that you would like something mentioned about your balls in your eulogy (not that youre allowed to die or anything) q:
- queen c of comments


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