Monday, August 01, 2005

i've got people skillz

nunchuck skillz, people skills...liger skills. What's wrong with Los Angeles? You can't meet ayone with a brain here in so called 'meeting spots.' Clubs, bar, discoteques-why is it so damn hard to find someone who can actually engage you in substantial conversation? I'm mostly pissed about this one girl I met in CLEAR, a bar in the valley. She was hot, Russian, a writer-read children's books!-, obsessed with harry potter which kinda turned me of but hell at least she was we're talkin for around 40 minutes, we've got the same drinks, go outside to join the others for a cig and then she decides NOW is the perfect time to tell me how she bought a $150 dollar long sleeve shirt for her boyfriend. Yeah. Thanks. Nice timing. You could've told me that, like, four hours ago. Ass. I don't know what pissed me off more: the fact that she had a boyfriend but was still letting me flirt with her or her purchase of a goddamn shirt for 150 dollars. It's stiched cotton, stupid. Made in China for pennies, while Lucky Brand and DKNY make a fortune.

My expanding list of places I consider kosher to meet chicks. And guys if that's your thing. Feel free to add whatever spots you like...Come on, now, seriously...

Supermarket-Health food section and checkout.
Trader Joes
Ice Cream parlors...Everyone's licking and slurping something. Makes it a whole lot easier...
The Getty Museum Lawn and Garden
Pool Halls- Hit Balls!
Best Buy---It's like heaven, that's why.
Apple Stores-Nerds, iPods--->The Girl of my Dreams
Gas Stations-Hey where you headed okay cool just come with me okay I'll follow you your friend is cute you're from the valley? No shit! and Jewish cool well let's go swimming and my place and get married.

Any others?


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Dina said...

Well, it's a good thing you have have people skills 'cause girls like guys with skills. Although you might consider working on your bowhunting skills...I hear those come in most handy.


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