Sunday, February 27, 2005

In the beginning...

I'm pretty sure NOBODY is reading this. So it's just more of like my diary, but since guys don't write diaries, it's now a journal.

I started my first screenplay today. "KEEPING KOSHER,"a semi autobiographical short about 3 jewish guys and a night in the san fernando valley. Oh, mix in weed, alcohol, drag racing, girls, and cops. It is very, very Jewish. I got around 8 pages done so far, out of a total 17. Coming to theatres far, far away from you.

The best part is composing the soundtrack...
It opens with the clash's 'Rock the Casbah.' im thinking of rolling the credits with madness 'Our House.'

I'm saying the Shehechiyanu.

getting devirginized

For one thing, I hate it when people don't capitalize words, especially when it's for some empty stylistic aim. know what i mean? this, and i, can just get from bad to worse.

blog. Sounds a lot like blob. Can you name anything remotely enticing that is a homophone of blob? nothing can stop the blob. nothing can stop the blog. possible replacements:::

"I'm about to post a new..."

snaptack-also a cool band name
treadmark-self explanatory
digital bullet
popperwocks-possible english town? somewhere near cadbury, too.
sheldon-just a great name, completely irrelevant