Tuesday, January 10, 2006

jet-lag is my bitch part 1

How do you denote a yawn. I'm ready to crash, burn, sleep...all those things, together, right now. I'm making aliyah. Jewspeak for moving to israel, at least for a while, this summer. I am tired, but I shall post. The first half of all my pictures, stupid me, didn't get downloaded to my USB jumpdrive, so we're starting from day 8 and working our way backasswards. I present to you: my trip: to the Holy Land.

Welcome to Israel Juice Man. I forgot that Tel-Aviv has experienced an influx of Juice Shops. But they're not yuppie Jamba juice places, with smoothies given monikers like Blueberry Boat Bonanza and razzmatazzbabs and Super Guava Suprise. Just Orange and Carrot Juice. In Yafo. We bought Tarboukes here for 70 sheks. I think its a good deal but we probably got ripped off.

With the mom in Tel-Aviv Yafo.
She's a great bargainer.
Or at least she used to be one.

Here we have my brother and I
getting warm
by the menorah in Jerusalem.
My rabbi told me in 5th grade that
in Israel, everyone's got their
menorahs out.
Hers was the only one
on her entire block. My rabbi is a liar.

Underground tour of the Western Wall with our friend. He has a kid now. (And a wife)

Spice market in the Arab quarter. Some of the shopkeepers wouldn't let me take pictures of the racks. Crazy. I am not an occupier. S'allam.


At 2:09 PM, Blogger tzipi said...

i don't think you can make aliyah for a little while. i though the point was that it's permanent.

At 5:27 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

maybe it will be tzipi. maybe it will be.


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