Friday, May 20, 2005

1948-Golan (((For Tovah)))

six years ago we flew kites
blue and white, at twilight
defending the invasion in the north
i was captain hershel, you esther
(you just looked like an esther)
flak cannons, 88s and MG fire from all directions
Thinking we'd never make it, i chose not to pray
so we danced like naked children over the holy ground
the kite became unsteady, cracking rivets along the edge
my hands in yours, tempting to jump
"grab guns when we land!" you cried over the intercom
"for my father and mother, hungary" i wrote on my sandals
kneelength wet grass made the air taste sweet
we walked through, our hearts pounding
i said a prayer while scanning the mountains
because it's possible
yes, quite probable
that i wouldn't be coming back.
Because I'd die for Her.


At 6:31 PM, Anonymous tov said...

A poem, yay! Thanks.


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