Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ehhh Homo Gay?

Maybe I should be a Rabbi.

Today I gave Global 102 a tour of Hillel, the workings of a synagogue, procedures for Friday Night Prayers, Kashrut, Menstration, and Homosexuality in the Torah. Oh, and Matzah, that delicious Passover delicacy we all love. I basically winged the entire discussion, but got in the groove of teaching people about Torah and Judaism and what the hell we're all about. Then I somehow got involved in this rapid fire question/answer session, answering q's as fast and intelligently as possible.

Passover food discussion was pretty cool, but I got distracted for a second because this girl was sleeping in the 6th row. But it wasn't normal, kickback sleep. Her eyes were half open, half closed, so all I saw wasthis muddy whiteness in her eyes, she looked so frozen, almost half dead. Kind of freaked me out. So of course during my lecture I HAVE to stare at her, see if she'll wake up, or move. I sneaked some jokes in, Baruch Hashem, and hopefully gave ppl a worthwhile experience. Naturally we had the 5 or 6 annoying kids who wouldn't stop asking me questions, but damn, it's fun to be a source of authority and be able to call on people, in order. The best part was this one dude who kept raising his hand, and I ended up calling on someone else. He was wearing a pink shirt. With white stripes.

I got some Moroccon Mint Tea Latte with Jeff and my intestines are paying for it. I can't drink milk. The hotter the worse. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I'll be paying for it later, this I assure you. Gotta go make sure there's enough toilet paper. You never know.

You just never know.


At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its so funny to me that the adament agnostic has become an authority on judaism (not that you werent before, but that you are promoting it) and loving what you are doing. aaron, i always knew you had the ability to captivate people with your charm and charisma (hell, i cant live without you) and im just so excited that youve found the fun in teaching others what you know and well, i might be a little biased cause youre also promoting jewishness, which im all for. keep it up kid and youll be changing the world before you know it.
and about the milk...theres such a thing as soy. its healthy and tasty and doesnt do those things we dont want to hear about...check it out!
muaaahh! -c

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Aaron said...

Ah yes, god fearing Soy. Why is that whenever I go to Trader Joes I end up spending at least 90 Dollars on Food I don't need but want to eat? Hmmm...Possible article topic right therE?


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