Saturday, May 07, 2005

Aba, you Rock!

Today I met my dad in Camarillo to hit the Outlets and have dinner. Why I was there, you might ask? I hope you're asking? Please ask.

Why were you there?

We finished shooting "Into the Breach!" The WWII Movie where two others and I star as 101st Airborne Paratroopers who land behind enemy lines in Normandy. We make our way to the beach, kill a few Nazis, blow up a bunker, kill some more...It's great. It'll be premiering at the REEL LOUD Film Festival, May 27th. BE THERE. My birthday is the 28th. So come. Show your support. Throw your underwear on stage. Leave your children at home.

My Pops and I went all around the place. It never ceases to knock my socks off how big the Outlets are. The cover probably around 10 blocks. And they're expanding all the time, like the universe. I won't go into details of what I bought, but I did get a pair of Clarks Loafers, Slip-Ons, remember slip-ons? They're so comfortable I feel almost guilty for wearing them. Fuck sandals. Seriously. Fuck Sandals and sandal inventors. My knees feel like a mobster with a Louisville Slugger went to work, and my shins are almost completely stripped from the bone. (And I got a shirt and jeans and belt and T-shirts for my brothers and my dad got 2 work shirts and Clarks, too.)

We went to Wood Ranch for dinner. The wait was 45 minutes so we hopped to the bar. I ordered a beer and he got a White Zin. The last time I drank beer with my dad I was 18. We were in Puerto Vallarta at a bullfight. My dad, Leon, who can't speak a word of Spanish (just ask our housekeeper) says "Pardon Senor? Una cervesa por favor?" He sounded like more of a Mexican than a real Mexican. So we're drinkin, and 5 minutes later we get a table ( Flirting with the hostess pays off, it seems) and we ordered. Wood Ranch's portions will shock you: They think you just got out of a concentration camp and have never seen food, and they're here to nourish you back to pre-war health. My pops and I talked about life, my job next year, my brother, leadership, his past marriage. I feel so much older now.

While shopping I asked him what it's like to have his kids taller than him.

"It feels like you guys are older than me," he said.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww! aaron and leon having some quality time. enjoy it while it lasts cause baby, youre growing up and pretty soon youll be doing those things with your own little aarons. (:


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