Monday, June 20, 2005

Don't Cry 4 Me Yeshiva

I'ev never done this before, but I'm involved in this blogging/post/commenting crap on The Rising Cost of Jewish Education at jewlicious. The poster, mentions how parents can't afford a private jewish education anymore because of the bucks. My high school was $15,000, my middle school = $9,000 year. WIth 3 boys, that's almost 50 grand when we're all in high school...then there's uni.

One of the reasons I want to be a rich screenwriter (yeah f*ck off you'll see) is to put my kids in private jewish day school. But it's so goddamn expensive!!! Plus, after thinking about, yeah, it'd be great for my kids to be comfortable learning the Toyrah and remain knowledgable about their culture, but shizzah, for that much? And when the secular education is usually crap? When drugs are being dealt on campus? When juniors h00k up on rooftops? the stories i have, none of you guys wouldn't believe...Some of them are my own too. Being sheltered in such an insular, insulated environment takes top prize as to why private school is falling from rung to lower rung. It took me two years to get fully adjusted. A year in italy also helped. Even now, I don't fully get the public school kids. We're just from different backgrounds. And that's okay, but it sucked feelin' different and sort of out of the main, alcoholic social circle. Thank god I graduated. With honors! suckers!


At 8:30 PM, Blogger tzipi said...

My bf went to day school and I went to public school where I was the only Jew out of almost 3000 and one of the only white kids (there might have been like 30 - 50 of us). You cannot imagine how many times things seem like common sense to me that he just doesn't understand. He's Canadian so that's even worse! :P He didn't have a big adjustment period in college because he went to school with most of his friends from day school, and met other Jews just like themselves basically. That probably eased his transition.


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