Saturday, November 26, 2005

666 to kiss you

thanksgiving. the holidays. god, i hate them. its so nice to be a jew. we give all year round, we share all year round, not for solely 2 weeks out of the year.

new years, i shall be spending this year in israel. i hate new years hype. its ridiculous. it always makes me feel depressed. were one year closer, closer to the end. no no, stop being so pessimistic. every new years I've had has fallen way way short, we're talking midget short, of expectations. last year, i think i was, oh yeah! last year was pretty rad. i went to this lame-o party, a friend of my brothers, got trashed off of long islands, but as I was walking towards the car I found two thousand dollars. drug money. i used it to go europe last summer. the year before, NY, we were freezing our asses off watching this green dot move a couple inches-it looked like inches from where we were standing-and some jerk sprayed champagne over everyone. on new years, everyone is supposed to be out in huge groups, find the best party, the good looking girl who want to kiss right at new years jesus christ this fucking pressure! to have fun, = (equals) = no fun...just worying that you'll meet your expectations for the evening, and as we all know, nothing ever goes according to plan.

thanksgiving is a jewish holiday. we eat eat eat eat eat go out for 2 hours get hungry but feel guilty about eating out so we come home for leftover and eat eat eat go to the bathroom eat some more eat eat eat eat eat fight turtles eat eat eat. then youre too tired and bloated to move, so you have to sit at home and play board games like monopoly and scrabble and truth or dare with your crazy uncle. always a hit.

my head hurts. not a headache. it feels like ive been headbanging like in the old concert days and my skulls is snapping off its own hinges to my neck.

i saw animal collective. i want to start a tribalistic jewish indie reggae rock band.

my friend jeremie got married. morroccan style. he was under the chupah, praying, i think. sometimes i wish that wouldve been me up there.


At 11:01 PM, Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

I'll be in Israel for New Year's too! Can I say something about that day, though? I really hate the hype. I'm very indifferent to New Year's. Aside from the fact that I never know if it's with an apostrophe or not, I feel as though it's the tourist holiday of them all. The glitzy, hyped-up, no reason, stupidest day of the year. Perhaps this is because I'm from New York, where people do the whole ball dropping thing (actually, I think that might just be for tourists...I doubt anyone from NY actually goes to that). I don't know. I just hate New Year's.

As for "fight turtles," I have to try that sometime.

At 7:17 AM, Anonymous michael said...

Achi, not only will you be spending the holiday season in Israel, you'll get to chill with, if I do say so myself, some of the heppest blogcats in the Mediterranean Basin.

And I'm down for the that tribal reggae thing. I'm funktastic on the haaaaaahdcore reggae beat.

At 2:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

see you in Israel for new years- maybe we'll end up under that chuppa chup


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