Tuesday, November 01, 2005


lately ive been spending time alone balancing stretching from introverted aaron it started with coffeeshops writing about jews feeling accomplished to reading political reviews at borders to now camping no not camping what am i saying but the park going to the park next door to my house so lovely, bringing a blanket and godzilla-my ipod-and falling asleep hypnosis by the clouds and at that opposite end of the life spectrum i will be inside everyone talking munching on mucho nothing shooting the shit over beers does anyone ever say the words "chewing the fat" anymore like in jd salinger stories? those were so great - i started writing again, or reading a lot, and been unhappy with it if i can be frank [and you can be shirley] books are murderous poison i get engrossed in them and then realize damn fool i will no write like that and i know that thats pessimism for ya but hey i'm being realiztic with my work-i taught a class on yehoshua thats joshua for all the non
yiddin out there and it was just me brother brothers friend going over the first chapter and it kicked ASS i tell ya hoo hoo hoooooo hooooo i love teaching i love guiding and nurturting and hearing other people's opinions and not being afraid when they conflict with your own, but giving lessons and making progress and and and and making people more informed and more educated and more better than before they met me so there.


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PS how fucked up is the second one? my word verification was ikfqerr.

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i like teaching, too. i like it when i see that kids remember the stuff i teach them. and i like it when they are smiling while i'm teaching. and i like it when kids tell me i'm the coolest teacher. huzzah!

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