Tuesday, December 13, 2005

exaltation, las vegas

health update: my chronic sore throat, which is either a severe aaron-killing virus or strep throat which has only infected one tonsil, is going to die soon. I went to see a doc and he prescribed zithromax, (quite possibly coolest sounding antibiotic) which comes in packs of 3. 3 pills, 3 days. my mouth will soon be in heaven.

two and a half weeks ago.....my throat started hurting
two weeks ago.....i started gargling with salt water
one and half weeks ago....i bought slippery elm bark lozenges, elm tea, and throat coat tea
a week ago...it started getting better
4 days ago....it started getting worse
last night....it got so bad i had to take a tylenol with codine

I got my glasses' lens replaced by costco. it is so damn exciting! now i can wear my glasses at night, and not be afraid I'm gonna crash into trees or something. the old ones hurt my eyes, and in turn, my brain, and in turn, my head. god bless costco.

i went to las vegas this past weekend. my friend tobin was getting ready, trying on this red corduroy jacket.."it's vegas! this is so vegas!!!" you're going to vegas? yeah fool. wanna come? live a little. when are you leaving? in 45 minutes. okay. okay. okay. i love you. what? i'll meet you at the airport.

vegas. debauchery. excess. x-e-s. drinking. expensive. margaritaville. singing opera at the venetian, italia. the bellagio. synchronized fountains. hundreds, no thousands of them. how much do those engineers get paid?. blackjack=losing $$$. german house music. i saw billy idol at the hard rock cafe. [no, really i did.] eating pancakes at 5 am at new york new york. pastrami pastrami!. i want some corned beef. come with us! hollerin at the scrubs in the benzido. winning / stealing money from catholic kids fo r getting bible questions right. getting pamphlets from moishe, the jews for jesus guy. ripping up those pamphlets in front of his face. getting 9 hours of sleep in 48 hours. still feeling tired. going to sleep. goodnight.


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I have experienced some of these side effects -
Fatigue. I just didn't want to move or get out of bed while on the drug; it was a bit hard to figure out that this was an effect of the medication rather than the sinusitis. Otherwise I was fine.

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