Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i could see a lot of bright in you

there is so much i will say right now. I hope you're ready.

today the headache forces waged war on aaron. he took heavy losses at around one o'clock, his right flank quickly destroyed by a kesselshlact by the enemy. reinforcements came in the form of Advil, which laid down a heavy base of fire on the headache.

I like bowling. I bowled a 160 a few weeks ago. My highest score ever. They get progressively worse with beer. Fat Tire till I die.

Sufjan Stevens is some manifestation of God. If he started a religion I'd join. I know he's Christian, but hopefully he'll start his own cult based on a banjo and campfires and hiking naked. then I'd definitely join.

a new friend mentioned that she coldn't believe i went out with my ex-girlfriend. that was a long time ago. why can't you see us together? thinking. because you're more hippie, and she's...she's very LA? Exactly. Now is not the time to discuss the ex, or if celery acutally causes you to lose calories, but to talk about me, and how I am SUCH a hippie. Was admitting that self-defeating? Wait, no, that's hipsters. Hipsters aren't real hipsters if they say they're hipsters. Hippies were too stoned to label themselves. I have this growing desire to just get away, away away away and escape and live in the jungle run naked in the grass and eat berries and rice and eggplant and green beans, chanting in Sanskrit with a tribe who have disavowed everything. I could deal with no phone, no Internet, no news, no car, no computer, no iPod. I've done it before.

that friend reads this blog, says I'm onto something, I'm humorous, but that I'm definitely working on something. I don't know what gave her that impression. I haven't written anything in weeks, unless kosher confessions counts. I've raised objections towards the name of this blog. very little of what i say or do is kosher by any standards. but whatever, I'll assume that you're thinking what I'm thinking, that is, that I'm recreating its definition.

No. I really want to live on the beach by myself.

And Yes, a piece of me wants to further the career, get started. but for what? Logan mentioned that he told a friend that he wants to make a lot of money.

well, what do you need all that money for? what do you want to buy with it?

i got no idea, actually. Nothing in particular. I just want it.

I just want it, I just want it I justwant it I justwantitIjustwantitwantwantwantwanti want it i want i want it. We want things. Do we really need them? really need them? My housemate bought a hi-powered flashlight. It's cool. Nonetheless, there's no fucking way anybody needs a flashlight that produces a light visible for miles, a flashlight that helicopters and the fucking COAST GUARD uses for search and rescue operations. It's the light on top of the Luxor. It's visible from Space. It's totally worthless to him. He bought it anyways. Why do we have want we don't need? Why do we insist on keeping those things? I've given it thought. I want the ability to send my kids to Jewish school, travel once in a while and eat organic food, maybe start a small vegetable garden, pay for music lessons and buy violins and clarinets for the little ones, and get massages once every few months. i want the financial ability to learn how to sustain myself. it's sad I need money for that.

I'm running to the forest now.


At 3:11 AM, Blogger Rabbi Yonah said...

THankxs for the comment, and the compliment@!
The conference is coming up and there will be housing on site. its not luxurious, but its only for a few days. or we have special rates the hotel next door. Read about it on jtb2.com let me know if you have any questions!

Shavua Tov and Happy Chanukkah


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