Wednesday, June 22, 2005

You've made it, I'm bouncing

My plane leaves in 8 hours, and I'm still up. My brother Gil and I got into a serious discussion over how many pairs of shorts to take, what type, whether A & F shorts are too thick for Euro.

Some things to note: I've never been to Eastern Europe. I've never seen a concentration camp, I love wine and cheese, I am a light sleeper, I plan on visiting the Chabad of Prague and Budapest, there is a shul in Prague that according to superstition (not just plan stition) houses the remains of the Golem.

Wander about, comment if you wish, know that I am in your thoughts.

Yes. You are thinking about me. Right now.
pretty cool? huh? k im tired.


At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Sarita said...

Bon Voyage! Hope you have a lovely, safe, kick ass trip and bring back lots of stories to make my sorry working-40-hours-a-week/why-the-hell-am-
for-no -pay? ass jealous. Besos!


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