Sunday, August 21, 2005


We were at nurits house for a bit of iraqi cholent, tibit it's called rice and brisket and spices my cousins were all there, some 24 of them eating drinking amber ale and pacificos it was great until not until when barak and ruben pulled me out they needed to make a minyan-10 men don't ask my why not women orthodox ruin-for my great grandfather baba yitzchayik from baghdad rich textile businessman businesspeople the family he died how many years ago? yartzheit we said kadish it was my cousin ruben israeli doesn't speakeddahebrew too well and barak who didnt visit the holy land since 85 that's nineteen to ya buddy and my other ido, 9 nine years old only speaks hebrew but didnt know how to pray, odd in america, americans know more then chabad rabbi chanting his beard moving like fibers with each sway and sway and muscle movement of legs and me confused jew praying but my lips weren't moving fast enough for the times and neither is my head and then havdalah came and we smelled the cloves and drove home and no one said a word.


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