Thursday, June 30, 2005

leavin the pest

im on the shittiest keyboard in hungary right now. off to vienna to see the picasso exhibit and paz exorbitant amounts of euros for a hostel full of drunk australians. and i already miss prague. somehow ive manaed to skip services every friday night since ive been here. whatevs. at least i got to see 3 jewish quarters!!! i lost my replacement ipod heaphones and dont have enough fts to buy a new pair. guess ill have to actually talk to someone on the train while reading counterlife by philip roth. i have one more pair of undies for 3 days. the question is not : is it gross since the answer is quite clear. i guess the question is : CAN HE MAKE IT? if anybody has any recs for vienna, now is the time to comment or email me. the time is now. the choice, is yours!!!


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