Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sono cosi felice, Non vi posso spiegare!

Days can't start so miserably and end more positively than this one. Today, Sunday, I packed up all my stuff from the apt I was staying at, because it was a brutta situazione. My old roommates, after being and living together for 2.5 years, broke up. Then I showed up to italy the next day.

I'm at guiseppe's house, today we had lunch out at la brace, my favorite restaurant in italy-in the world!-had 2 gelati, talked about politics and globalization in piazza santa stefano-my favorite piazza-ordered some pizzas with about 6 neighbors, drank some wine...Then went to the park to hear a percussion dance band and listen to reggae, read some poetry by ani difranco, all before going to sleep and getting shulies email about where shes staying in napoli and how we're gonna meet up. can't wait yo. today i taught the italians the words : it's all G, everything good, its all good, and most importantly (thats not a word i taught them), are you chillin?

im not a tourist. i lived here. i can still enjoy italy. always.

domani vado a napoli, lo sapete ragazzini?? dai v voglio bene, tutti...


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