Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gaza, Altoids, Air Conditioners

So we left Gaza. Weird how Jews use 'we,' not they, not the IDF, not the settlers, not Israel. It's we. Maybe just the religious ones, who knows. I'm in the dark. As if we're one embodiment, one massive entity of guilty skullcap wearing gangstas.

We won the Six Day War. We did.
Who did?
We. Me and my Jewish homies in the Middle East.
You weren't even born then!
So what? We still did it.

My aunt believes Sharon left in haste to deflect a possible corruption scandal from erupting even further, but I'm privy to think the 73-year-old PM finally realized it was over, that they had to get out, that a soldier for every man, woman, and child on a 400 km coastal strip in the desert wasn't feasible, smart, or assisting Israel's overgouged moral reputation any longer. Though there is that whole security issue, that to my knowledge has been overlooked and ignored by most: What the hell are you gonna do now if they fire shells into Ashkelon? Tel-Aviv? It's a given truth that the Palestinians have tried to sneak in weapons beforehand, so what's stopping them now? If Sharon thinks he's leaving with some sort of Get-Into-Gaza-and-Kick-Ass-for-Free Card, he's buried himself even deeper into his own trench. A week ago, Gaza was a wasteland. Today, it's still a wasteland, but the Arabs' wasteland. He had the high ground before; soldiers protecting religious settlers were also a line of defence, albeit an unjustifiable one. But now, there's nothing keeping them there. So what, just invade a small, premature country? Right...Then you start another one of these.

On a more serious note, I've noticed that Altoids make me sneeze. The cinnamon flavor produces a mild reaction, peppermint and I explode with much violence. And it's not just me. The same thing happens to my mother.

Air conditioners make me tired. It might just be mine, I don't know. But whenever I make the drive from SB to LA, after about an hour (and this is on a good night's sleep) I can barely keep my eyelids open. Man. If you think about it, eyelids are pretty slimy.

Anyone have any good ideas for mushy foods? Say, one you'd want to have in an eating contest?


At 7:41 PM, Blogger tzipi said...

we saying we is a religious and cultural thing. in the haggadah, the wicked one asks why did YOUR Gd take YOU out of egypt and we are supposed to say to him if he had been there he would not have been redeemed (i guess kind of driving the lesson home from childhood that you are supposed to include yourself in jewish history even as far back as egypt and before).

are you sure it's air conditioning that makes you tired or is it driving :P

At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

first off, we saying we is a cultural, religious, spiritual thing. i say we without thinking about it, even though i dont have family there and ive only been once because i feel so strongly about it, the people, the place - they are a part of me.
as for leaving gaza, i would like to make a note of how peacefully we left. yes, there were some settlers that had to be carried away, but there was no violence, no death and destruction (which makes me sad cause i dont want the arabs to benefit and be able to live in our buildings). no matter what anyone said or the threats made, the jewish people followed their governments orders, even though that is our land - and there is no doubt in my mind, i feel i have solid, 100% verifiable evidence from international law to basic common sense that israel has every right and legit claim on that land. but we left, and are building this wall in the hopes of better protecting our people. yes the settlements were the first line of defense, but they were families, farmers, people who were too often attacked and killed because they lived in territory that terrorists can easily manuver in.

the altoids thing, i think that just helps establish that youre a little strange. and what are you doing snuffing altoids anyway?
driving and cold will make anyone sleepy...think about hypothermia...
last but not least, mushy foods, ICE CREAM!!!!!


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Jerome said...

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At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Cathy T. Miranda said...

Great thing you put a serious note here on how to deal with air conditions. They also have gonna leak water though.

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Grant T. Aquino said...

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At 3:45 AM, Anonymous Lorraine A. Maxwell said...

I think you need to have it repaired. Are you still receiving some mild reactions from it?


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